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Women Sevices Director

Recruiter Contact Info:


Job Information:

Job Number: NGC 1517
Location: Texas

Director Women Services

Salary Range: $80,000 - $105,000

Bonus Eligible

Relocation - Negotiable

Location: Texas (West)



  • Title the director reports to: Chief Nursing Officer
  • Number of FTEs in dept: 85
  • Number of managers reporting to the director: 1 L&D Mgr, 1Mother Baby/Nursery/NICU Mgr.
  • Number of births per year: 1000
  • Responsible for L&D, PP, Nursery, NICU, and Pediatrics
  • Issues in the dept that needs addressing by the Director:

ü  Improving quality of care given by staff

ü  Ensuring Standard of care is met

ü  Ensuring TJC compliance updating P&P

ü  Managing conflict between departments and removing barriers creating collaborative solutions

ü  Building physician and staff trust in leadership.


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