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Our Recruiting Process

Unique Qualities

The owner of Clonch & Associates has over 20 years of health care experience prior to starting our search firm.  He was a Hospital Director and understands the leadership skill level required of a successful candidate.  His experience has assured that the recruiters at Clonch & Associates have a complete understanding of hospital issues as they relate to finding top caliber management talent.

At Clonch & Associates, we are dedicated specialists to hospital and senior care / nursing home recruiting.  We place candidates from Directors to CNO / VPs to CEOs.  We will recruit for non-management talent when requested.

The advantage of this specialization is that we are able to build a large and highly talented candidate data base.  We are able to stay in touch with candidates on a continuous basis as we have earned their trust and they look forward to hearing from us, and often gain more candidates through referrals.  We average at least 20 active candidates and 1,500 passive candidates for each management title.  Our specialization allows us to respond to clients needs quickly, and we know the status of our candidates at any given time which allows us to have them interviewing with clients in short order.

Our recruiters are easy to work with, intuitive, and highly communicative.  We do not lock ourselves into a set procedure when working with our clients.  We view each client as having individual needs and ways in which they want to proceed with their recruiting efforts.  We understand that each client is unique and we work to match how they want to proceed during the recruiting process.  Our flexibility assures a smooth process.  We are always timely, we never leave a client hanging wondering where they are in the process with a particular candidate. 

Within hours of an interview between the client and candidate we have called the candidate and gotten their feedback.  We then communicate to the hiring authority with the candidate’s comments. 


Pre-screening occurs during our initial interview between the candidate and our recruiters.  The pre-screening is a combination of an in-depth interview and review of the resume.  We compare the candidates’ background and experience to the criteria that our client is seeking.  We determine whether there is a match and fit prior to submitting candidates to a client.

Reference Check

When the client makes an offer and asks for a reference check, we will secure references from the candidate.  We require the references to be from individuals that the candidate directly reported to.  Some clients prefer to make the reference calls themselves, others prefer that we make the reference call.  If we are asked to make a reference check we call all of the references and ask them a series of questions regarding the candidate.  The questions include such things as (not all inclusive): skill level, leadership skills, management style, areas the candidate needs improvement and would the candidate be considered for rehire, etc.  We then prepare a reference check report and submit to our client.  If we are asked to conduct a criminal background check, we use a contracted third party who specializes in these types of checks.

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